My experience and skills as a qualified teacher enables me to write confidently for a range of different audiences from pre school children, primary and secondary students, to adults and family groups. My resources provide opportunities for reflection, as well as invitations to keep creating beyond a workshop or activity and see where the journey takes you!

I write workshops, lesson plans and collaborative art projects for Key Stages 1, 2 & 3, as well as for adults and family groups. My instructional videos and podcasts bring ideas to audiences in new ways, with a clear structure and language that is accessible to all ages.

I work in partnership with local art organisations, schools and community groups to create resources for both online and offline audiences. I write creative, engaging, inclusive and accessible material, that can be developed around a particular art technique, a topic or curriculum focus. I particularly enjoy developing collaborative projects, that grow and evolve in unique ways with the participants.

My work enables participants to feel confident to explore and connect with the activity, whether trying something new or developing ideas over time. I provide support and encouragement within my resources, enabling the audience to value the process as well as the skills they are learning and have fun experimenting with their ideas and creativity. 

My work is available online for the following digital projects, Crafts Council Hey Clay, Creative and Wellbeing Week Reimagined, Lockdown Lessons - Print to the People, Norfolk Schools of Sanctuary Day of Welcome and Creative Arts East.

Please get in touch if you would like to work together or have any questions about my projects.

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