for children 

My series of online workshops for children aged 7-12yrs, in partnership with Anteros Arts Foundation, was a journey of creative discovery. The workshops were engaging, supportive, collaborative and fun! Learning techniques that helped us to connect with objects, our surroundings and the work of artists, we created our own unique pieces of art. We drew, collaged, sculpted and discovered how to look in new ways inspired by the exhibitions at Anteros


Doodle Discoveries 

Doodles are a window into our creative mind and a source of inspiration. Join us on our journey as we explore free flow mark making and experimental composition. Using techniques that build upon our individual drawing styles, we will develop our doodles to create unique pieces of art.

Curious Collage.jpeg

Curious Collage

Using paper and our imagination, we will make our own decorative papers and experiment with a range of approaches to collage. Let's snip, tear, layer and stick to create our own collaged mixed media characters and abstract landscapes.

Wise Words.JPEG

Wise Words

Words matter! Art can be made using words and words can be art. Join us as we discover how artists use typography in their work, how letters can transform into a building or a person. We will draw, write and play with words choosing words that matter most to us. 


Notes to Nature

As observers of nature will use the shapes, patterns and textures that we find to create mixed media art. We will discover the hidden meanings of the trees we see around us and then share the messages we hear from nature by creating our own mini art installations.

You & Me Conversations with objects.jpg

You & Me -

Conversations with Objects

Have you ever thought what a spoon might say to you or what question you would ask a spoon? Join us as we discover the work of surrealist artists that use 'found objects' as sources of inspiration. Using mixed media techniques, we will record our conversations with everyday objects to make art.