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A Wird

'THESE ARE A few of my favourite things' 

This activity was inspired by the Access Art logo and their call to support the amazing work they do.

My daughter called it a'Wird' because it combined the words bird and word. The words come from the favourite things you choose, the objects speak for you!


I hope this activity enables you to spend a moment or two, either on your own or with your family, talking about some of your favourite things as you create your very own Wird!

You will need:

A large piece of paper

A pen

Some of your favourite things


How to make your Wird:


Take a look at the logo of Access Art and be inspired to draw an outline of your own bird on to a large piece of paper.


Take time to search around at home, like a magpie, and collect some of your favourite things. You may choose 3 or 4 or 10 or more, it's up to you!


Once you have collected your objects, take time to arrange them onto your Wird. Think about where you place each object and how the objects look next to one another. Move them around and explore how you feel as you do. You are creating a special collection. You might like to choose a few and then take a break and go on another hunt for more objects. You can make a Wird on your own or perhaps with other members of your family.


Once you have finished creating your Wird you might like to talk about why you chose the objects you did with someone else. You might like to see if they can guess why you chose your objects or why they are special to you. For example: I chose some limpet shells, yes I love being by the beach but if you read the little blurb you will find I had other reasons for choosing them!

Perhaps just spend a moment looking at your Wird and see what it might reveal to others about you! If you like, take a photo of

it and share it with your friends. The photo below is of my Wird and some little explanations behind the objects I chose -'These are a few of my favourite things!'


You might like to send it to me via email at or tag me on instagram @deedeecreate and with your permission I will share our Wirds on my social media. We may gather a flock, who knows!

I hope you enjoy exploring this activity, have fun!