Taking a moment to think about how we connect to an idea, a place, a moment in time or a piece of art is a constant source of inspiration for me. How we connect guides our response. What can we see? What do we want to do next? What do we want to share with others? 

Observing and seeing things differently is a big part of my work as a creative practitioner. My audiences are diverse, so connecting with others and helping people to connect creatively is at the heart of what I do. 

My photo of this beautiful Wisteria reminds me of the strength and support we can all find when we collaborate and share our creative ideas with one another.

Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.' William Plomer




As a qualified teacher, I use my skills and experience to create an engaging and supportive creative environment whether online or in my writing. My deep understanding of how we all learn differently ensures my resources are accessible and enjoyable for a wide ranging and diverse audience. I adapt and often change my role from teacher to facilitator, or nurturer to learner. Using an enquiry approach, I encourage discussions and questions to enrich and develop the creative process. 


Being creative is a journey and I value the importance of taking risks, as well as accepting unexpected outcomes along the way, as this helps turn our journey into an adventure.


'There is no mistake, only make.' Corita Kent



My creativity and enthusiasm thrive whether I'm doodling or working on a community project. Creating, making, playing with ideas is when I'm in my 'happy place.' So sharing my love for art and the good it brings is central to my work. I'm constantly learning from others and discovering things about myself when creating and I seek ways to enable others do the same. Finding a time, a space for art makes a huge difference to our health and wellbeing and sense of happiness.

My hope is that my work helps others to discover the powerful voice that art gives us. We can choose to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas with others or just enjoy the process. Having fun, making and cherishing memories and friendships we make along the way are things that really matter to me. 

'The world always seems a little brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before.' Neil Gaiman


Hello, I'm Donna, an artist and creative practitioner living in the beautiful city of Norwich with my husband and our two beach loving daughters. I run workshops and develop art projects for schools, galleries, museums, local art organisations and community groups. I love providing opportunities for others to try something new and enjoy experimenting with different materials and techniques. I write resources to support creative learning and collaborative initiatives that bring people together in different ways. As a member of Print to the People, I support their in house and out reach workshop programme, helping to develop ideas for projects and sharing my love for all things print with the wider community. 


I'm passionate about the benefits of creativity and the positive impact and difference making art together brings. 

'A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.' Salvador Dali